2016 Garden Calendar - Guests of the Garden

For many, hosting birds, butterflies, bees, and other guests in the garden is one of the most rewarding aspects of gardening. As each month passes you'll find striking, closeup photos of those visitors who can captivate the gardener with their unique personalities. Some guests, however, can be annoying and frustrating. Whether or not we invite garden guests, they will come. Our gardens will be more successful if we plan ahead for their visits. This year's calendar offers ways to welcome invited guests and hints to deter those who drop by to help themselves.

Use the large calendar grid to note planting, emergence, and harvesting dates and totals. Track your garden's progress and record your invited or uninvited garden guests too. Take advantage of timely tips for garden chores to work in your garden. Horticulture resources at Iowa State and County Extension offices are at your fingertips. Find out who and where they are all located inside. Chances are they are closer than you think!

Supply is limited, be sure to pick up enough copies for yourself and for holiday gifts. Gardeners, anyone who enjoys the outdoors and the beauty of nature alike will certainly thank you.

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