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Poultry Industry Module

The learning objectives are as follows: Recognize how the poultry industry is divided. Describe how various production poultry are managed. Explain the different types of housing used for poultry production. Explain the different feeding practices for each life stage within the poultry industry. List major diet components used for poultry production for each life stage. This grain module is brought to you by the Iowa Grain Quality Initiative, and was produced by the former Crop Adviser Institute.

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Learning objective: Understand the organization of the poultry industry. Describe the different types of housing used for poultry production, and feeding practices used for each life stage.

Introduction: With more research and development in technology used to operate poultry production, farms have become more automated. Millions of birds can be managed by a small number of people.

Broiler production: All broiler houses include systems for ventilation, heating, lighting, brooding, feeding, watering, litter, waste, and carcass disposal (in event of diseases). Feeding is split into three rations; the grower ration, the finisher ration, and the withdrawal ration. Diets contain 85 percent corn and soybean meal plus specific premixes.

Layer production: There are three types of egg production systems; in-line, off-line, and niche market. Hens are fed a formulated mash or pelleted feed. The nutrition of laying hens greatly affects the quality of eggs produced. Feed intake may decrease for various reasons such as weather extremes, vaccinations, beak trimming, and decreased light hours.

Turkey production: There are three types of turkey production systems; heritage, commercial, and backyard. Two common housing options for turkeys are range and confinement. The diet fed to turkeys should not be restricted, this can cause cannibalistic behaviors. Turkey feed consists primarily of corn, soybean meal, fat, and premixes.

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Publication Date: 09/2016

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