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European Corn Borer - Ecology and Management and Association with other Corn Pests

Agriculture in North America has been dramatically influenced by crops and pests carried by humans, either intentionally or accidentally into the region. Corn, or maize, probably originated in Central America. It was a staple crop of many Native Americans and was grown in dozens of shapes and colors.

The European corn borer originated in Eurasia and was accidentally introduced into North America. This insect readily adopted corn as a host and has since caused hundreds of millions of dollars in crop losses. This publication is an update of the 1996 version published by the North Central Region.

Iowa State University, in cooperation with North Central Region, is publishing, NCR 327 European Corn Borer - Ecology and Management and Association with Other Corn Pests. The anticipated publication date will be in Fall 2018.

To prepare for publication and determine pricing, pre-orders are being taken. It is anticipated the price of the 72-80 page, full color publication will be $5-6 each when a minimum quantity of 100 (or more) is ordered. This amount does not include shipping and handling charges.

If you, or your organization, is interested in purchasing the publication, please indicate your interest with the following pre-order online form.

Pages / Length: 72-80
Publication Date: 10/2017

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