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Spatial Data Science with R: Joining Spatial Data with dplyr

This task sheet will cover a common action in geospatial workflows: using a join operation to enrich spatial data with non-spatial attribute data. When you join two sets of data, you match rows from one data set to another based on a common field. This task sheet will go through the steps of joining county-level demographic data (from the usdata package) to county-level geographic data (from a shapefile) using the dplyr package in R. This task sheet builds on concepts covered in: GISTP 0025 - Filtering and Selecting Data with dplyr, GISTP 0026 - Mutating and Piping Data with dplyr, and GISTP 0028 - Plotting a Shapefile with sf.

Pages / Length: 2
Publication Date: 12/2022

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