Homebuyer Education eCourse: A Place of Your Own

Suzanne Bartholomae

An online course to help first-time homebuyers learn about the process of buying a home.

The course is available anytime, anywhere from any computer with Internet access.

At the end of five lessons, there’s a certification exam. When you pass the exam you receive a homebuyer’s certificate which you may take to a local lender. Computers at public libraries, ISU Extension county offices across the state or USDA offices are options if you don't own a computer.

This online course will help you:
• decide if now is a good time to buy a home
• prepare for the home buying process and
• shop for a mortgage that works for you.

Pages / Length: 5 lessons & quizzes. 1-final exam
Publication Date: 06/2007
Available Inventory: 1478

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