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Gelatin and Meat Protein -- On the Go Lesson

What is meat? Meat is made up of muscle fiber, connective tissue and fat. Muscle fibers are comprised of protein. Proteins are made up of many chains of amino acids. When you eat meat, the digestive juices in your stomach and intestine break down the meat protein into basic units called amino acids. The amino acids then can be reused to make proteins for your own body. When meat is cooked, a chemical reaction occurs, and the protein is denatured or changed. Use gelatin to explore this concept.

These To Go Lessons can be used to create a "grab and go" style activity with supplies included. Add your local contact information, print, and cut each sheet in half. The left side can be used on the outside of the paper bag or box to identify the activity, and the right side can be placed in the package as an instruction sheet.

Youth-serving organizations in Iowa are encouraged to contact their local Iowa State University Extension and Outreach county office to explore partnership opportunities in administering this program.

Pages / Length: 2
Publication Date: 07/2020

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