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Crops > Handling and Storage

Grain & Oilseed Basics Module
This module is to acquaint you with various grains and oilseeds grown in the United States and discusses how the major grains (wheat and corn) and soybeans are handled, processed, and used in food, fe
Corn Processing Module
This module is designed to help understand how corn is processed into food, feed, and industrial products and where potential food and feed safety problems may occur, and how corn processing fits into
Wheat Processing Module
This module will recognize components of wheat processing prior to receipt at feed mill, identify classes of wheat and wheat by-products commonly used as livestock feed ingredients, list food safety h
Grain & Oilseed Risk Assessment Module
This module will introduce you to food safety hazards that may be present in the grain supply chain with a specific focus on grain and oilseeds. This grain module is brought to you by the Iowa Grain Q
Rendered Ingredients Module
This module identify rendered ingredients, list the component steps of the rendered process prior to receipt at the feed mill, identify specialized equipment used to process rendered ingredients, and
Non-Grain By-Product Ingredients Module
This module identify common non-grain by-product ingredients, recognize the origin of non-grain by-product ingredients prior to receipt at the feed mill, identify specialized equipment used to process
Medicated Feed Additives and Other Regulated Ingredients Module
The module for medicated feed additives and other regulated ingredients cover: the classification structures for medicated additives and medicated feeds, the identification of other regulated ingredie
Production Animal Digestion and Nutrition Module
Not every type of animal can adequately process and utilize the nutrients in all types of feedstuffs. This presentation will provide a brief overview of the various digestive systems found in producti
Production Animal Feed Formulation Module
The module will identify personnel responsible for production animal feed formulation, identify differences in diet formulation between species of animals and phase production within a species, and co
Quality Assurance and Safety Module
The module will identify the individual responsible for quality assurance and feed safety in feed manufacturing, recognize the difference between hazard identification and hazard analysis, and identif
Sanitation and Pest Management Module
The module will identify the components of a pest control program, including personnel and preventative practices used to reduce pests, identify individuals responsible for sanitation of specific proc
Beef Industry Module
The learning objectives are as follows: Recognize how the beef cattle industry is divided and name key personnel in each division. Differentiate between management strategies at each stage of beef cat
Dairy Industry Module
The learning objectives discussed: Recognize how the dairy cattle industry is divided. Sequentially list the stages of dairy cattle production and how various dairy cattle production animals are manag
Poultry Industry Module
The learning objectives are as follows: Recognize how the poultry industry is divided. Describe how various production poultry are managed. Explain the different types of housing used for poultry prod
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Swine Industry Module
The learning objectives are as follows: Recognize how the swine industry is divided. Differentiate between management strategies at each stage of swine production. Explain different types of housing u
Dryeration Module
Dryeration increases energy efficiency by 15 to 30 percent compared to high temperature drying with immediate cooling. This grain module is brought to you by the Iowa Grain Quality Initiative and was
Aeration Module
A look at how to maintain stored grain in good, quality condition, we’ll see how three different conditions interact to cause grain spoilage problems. This grain module is brought to you by the Iowa G
Fan Performance Module
As we look at using fans for drying and storage of grain, it's important to know what performance those fans are giving and what performance is needed in-order to select an appropriate fan for a dryin
Grain Drying Economics Module
Climate conditions in the upper Midwest states make it necessary for most corn harvested for grain to be dried artificially. Grain producers are faced with a variety of choices when it comes to market
Grain Storage Economics Module
Storage is a primary method to ration the use of commodity corn and soybeans once harvested, throughout the marketing year. This grain module is brought to you by the Iowa Grain Quality Initiative an
Mycotoxins 1: Mycotoxin Development Module
This module will discuss mycotoxins and their significance for grain and feed industries. This module covers mycotoxin production by various fungal species and the impact of mycotoxin contamination in
Mycotoxins 2: Best Practices in Handling and Testing Module
This module will focus on sampling and analysis of grains for mycotoxins, factors that influence the contamination of stored grains with mycotoxins, and options for handling and use of contaminated gr
Oilseed Processing Module
Oilseeds and their by-products are valuable ingredients for livestock and poultry. This module will identify components of oilseed processing prior to receipt at feed mill, identify common oilseeds an
Determination of Potential Microbial Hazard(s) in Animal Food
There are many factors that can contribute to feed becoming contaminated with a microbial hazard during the production of food for pets and livestock. The purpose of this reference document is to prov
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Grain Storage Alternatives: An Economic Comparison
Storing grain beyond harvest greatly increases the marketing opportunities available. Knowing the costs and benefits of different storage options helps producers determine the options that fit into th
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Guide to Liquid Sanitizer Washes with Fruit and Vegetables
This publication is for growers looking for information about the best post-harvest sanitizing practices for fresh fruits and vegetables. It includes a comprehensive chart of five commonly used liquid
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Food Pantry Produce Donations - Grower Information
Donations from local fruit and vegetable growers are important to food pantries. This publication provides information to growers about safe on-farm food practices and information to food pantry worke
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Forage Testing Laboratories
This list of forage testing laboratories represents many of the laboratories in Iowa, Wisconsin, Nebraska, Minnesota, Missouri, Illinois, Ohio, and South Dakota that are used by Iowa livestock produce
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Forage Sampling and Sampling Equipment
Tips for accurate forage sampling and where to buy hay sampling probes.
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Frost Damage to Corn and Soybeans
Learn about the characteristics, uses and handling and storage of frost-damaged corn and soybeans.
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The Ensiling Process and Additives
Ensiling products has many purposes, including achieving optimum dry matter content, providing long-term storage and increasing harvest-time flexibility. Learn how to safely and successfully ensile yo
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Organic Flax Production in Iowa
There is renewed interest in growing food grade flaxseed and flaxseed oil in Iowa. Find the latest research and advice on planting, fertility requirements, variety selection, pest management, economic
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Soybean Drying and Storage
Find out about soybean harvest moisture, storage moisture, drying tips, high-temperature drying, low-temperature drying, and more.
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Estimated Costs for Production, Storage, and Transportation of Switchgrass
Switchgrass, a perennial warm-season grass native to Iowa, is one of the major plants being considered to produce ethanol. Alternative assumptions are presented to estimate the cost of production.
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Iowa Grain Quality Initiative
Worldwide emphasis on grain quality and the increasing use of value-added grains for a specific purpose hold tremendous opportunities for Iowa corn and soybean growers. The Iowa Grain Quality Initiat
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